Alveda King Defends Trump: ‘He Is NOT A Racist’

Remember we have to learn from history so we’re not doomed to repeat it, and so let us remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was a Republican, and fought for the civil rights of all men, and mostly to help African Americans in this country overcome the situations a lot of themselves were in, and it came at the ultimate price which was his life. He fought against people who you all know. People like Hillary Clinton, and Barry Goldwater (Who was publicly endorsed by members of the KKK organization. Lyndon B. Johnson exploited his connections.) he switched parties JUST because King was a republican. Now fast forward to current day, and Dr King’s niece has come to the defense of President Donald Trump amid cries from Democrats and Leftist commentators that he is a racist.

The Niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Alveda King told “Fox & Friends” that such characterizations could not be further from the truth. “President Trump is not a racist,” she said Thursday. “I’ve had the experience of going head to head with genuine racists,” For those who say otherwise, King said she’d like to ask them if they’ve “ever met a real racist.”

Alveda King’s comments come as a number of Democratic presidential contenders for the upcoming 2020 elections or (The people who will never be Presidents but live in fantasy Island) have accused the president of racist, bigoted comments in recent weeks following his criticism of Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) “rat-infested” Baltimore district. Because Cummings is black, Democrats deemed the president’s comments ‘racist.’

Here is where Ms. King disagrees, and listen to what she had to say folks because she is on point with each word, and as she puts it “President Trump has said, ‘We all bleed the same,’ he’s very clear on that, and has done so much for all Americans, including African-Americans,” King said. She noted that instead of name-calling, politicians on both sides of the political aisle should “look for solutions” together.

“What President Trump and first lady Melania did was to go down and look for solutions,” she said, in reference to the Trump’s visits to El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, following mass shootings in those cities over the weekend. “We have to overcome evil with good.”

“When people call each other racist, we are one blood,” she said. “One human race, different ethnicities — we’re not color blind, we can see, but that is for the purpose of appreciating each other, and we have to do that.” She also accused Democrats of “hypocrisy” over their support for abortion while calling the president a racist. “A lot of those calling Trump a racist and white supremacist, most of them support killing in a very brutal way called abortion,” she said.

“The youngest, the weakest the most beautiful of us killing them in the womb. How immoral is that?” Thank you Alveda King for speaking the truth.

You’re a real American hero like your uncle before you.

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