🚀Aliens on the moon, and over the Ukraine?

An alien mothership has been captured over the moon being flanked by several small UFOs, according to conspiracy theorists online? Conspiracy theorists claim footage shows an “alien mothership” what do you see below?

In bizarre footage taken by an amateur skywatcher, four objects can be seen travelling above the lunar surface. What looks like a larger “craft” at the centre while three smaller UFos surround it before disappearing behind the moon. The amateur skywatcher who goes on with the crew “Skywatch International” uploaded the footage to YouTube on August 23, 2019 it has since been re-posted by renowned conspiracy channel UFOmania, and now here.

“It looks like it is a fleet of UFOs, a large mothership followed by several smaller UFOs,” they wrote in the video description. More than 6,000 people have since seen the footage and many rushed to the comments section to voice their thoughts. “They are probably landing at one of the bases on the side of the moon that can’t be seen from Earth,” one wrote.

Another commented: “Most likely alien ships.” Some suggested it could be the government’s mysterious Space Force in action. Debunkers, and other folks have claimed the footage was faked of course. Bonkers claims that alien ships have been spotted near the moon have abounded for years.

Back in May, a “fleet of UFOs” spotted crossing the surface of the moon was labelled the best footage of the year, and last year, a mystery object was spotted hurtling across the moon sparking claims alien do exist, and this was proof that not only are they real but that we’re being monitored or watched by them.

Now check out this out of the Ukraine! As UFO or a Glowing object is spotted flying over. Some say this could be the “TR-3B in hands of the Russians” which could make sense given where this footage is coming from.

The strange object has no wings, windows, or contrail and maintains a reflective glowing white appearance for the duration of the controversial 20 second clip. The shaky handheld video, most likely filmed on a phone lacks any sound. Self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott Waring took to his etdatabase.com blog to speculate about the intriguing amateur video reportedly shot by one of his YouTube subscribers.

Waring then made some claims that would make one think that he seems to know more about aliens than other scientists and experts from NASA do:

First, Waring claimed that usually, a “single alfa orb (sic)” appears and comes down, then starts “spitting out” smaller orbs at a rate of one orb per five seconds. Next, he said each orb that is released moves around for a few seconds until it gets a “bering (sic)” on things that are around it, then quickly “darts” to a nearby cloud as if to hide.

Waring follows these with even more outlandish claims:

“Such orbs are watchers…they are programmed to record everything and anything they come close to,” he said. “These orbs have a telepathic communication between each other and hear the focused thoughts of humans below.” Apparently, Waring is amazed at the 12-second clip that showed what he, and other conspiracy theorists in YouTube, believe as a fleet of UFOs disguised as orbs.

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