Alice Johnson, pardoned by Trump, was put away for life under Biden-sponsored bill

So one of the big stars of the RNC was none other than Alice Johnson, the grandmother freed by President Trump on the advice of Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West who was sentenced to life in prison by a crime bill that Joe Biden co-sponsored in (1986), wrote and championed, and later lead to another bill in ’93/94 again championed by Joe Biden and signed into law by BILL CLINTON!

You see as a single mom of five in 1996, Johnson, now 65, was slapped with five concurrent life sentences without the chance of parole on a first-time non-violent drug charge for her involvement in a million-dollar cocaine ring. Trump commuted her sentence in June 2018 following lobbying from reality TV star and lawyer-in-training Kardashian, and Johnson again spoke at ThursdayÔÇÖs 2020 Republican National Convention finale. But Johnson would never have been sentenced to life in prison if not for a 1986 drug abuse act written by then-Sen. Joe Biden that stiffened penalties for drug offenses and disproportionately targeted black people.

President Barack Obama and his veepee also refused JohnsonÔÇÖs pleas for clemency three times, including in the final days of their administration, according to a CNN report. Biden co-authored the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which allowed judges to sentence first-time felons to life imprisonment for drug offenses exceeding 5 kilograms of cocaine. Previously, a person could not be sentenced to more than 20 years for cocaine offenses.

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