Alec Baldwin exposed as possible pedophile?

Now this isn’t a rumore folks this is a fact… Alec Baldwin yes the guy who makes fun of TRUMP on SNL all the time, and hates his guts is on Epstein’s black book… NOW here is a list of names and pictures of folks in the book, and to collaborate this check out the video from the Roast he had done earlier before the black book broke. ALSO he’s been vocal blaming the russians for Epstein’s death.

NOW We all know that Trump was instrumental as a whistleblower years ago and got charges on Epstein when he found out what scumbag he was, and that he had harassed a worker in one of Trump’s golf course that came forward. Alec has never forgiven Trump for helping to get his friend Jeffrey Epstein thrown in prison, and it’s why he attacks him so much today. Same goes for Robert DeNiro who’s looking a lot like Bernie Sanders these days. OLD, STUPID, and a crazy socialist.

Check out the picture, and video of Adam Carolla at his roast below, and next time Alec Baldwin opens his mouth remember he’s a potential pedophile, and he was buddies with possibly the biggest pedophile, and sex criminal in united states history. A MAN our president help put in prison… So this is is why ALEC hates our President… He’s scared his truth will be revealed.

Now that first row alone is interesting as Bloomberg who wants to enter the presidential race is in there also… He might want to re think it as I’m diggin into his connection into Epstein also, and I have a hunch he spent many nights in pedophile island also, and it’s like ALEC, and the rest of those sick fucks hate Trump so much. They’re all running scared that they’re about to be exposed for being pedophiles.

All these Hollywood actors, on that list hate Trump… Wonder why? Now you know…

Links to back up the claims:
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