Al Sharpton Heckled In Baltimore!

Al Sharpton Heckled In Baltimore Talking About Elijah Cummings…

“You go back to New York!”

“Our Schools are failing us! Where are you when our schools are Failing us? You’re just a HUSTLER!!!” Two african american men both elders yelled at Al Sharpton recently as he tried to defend the very crooked, and corrupt Elijah Cummings. A man who is full damage control. Perhaps he shouldn’t have gone at Trump so hard? When will these DemocRATS learn? You go at Trump he or his supporters are gonna do what’s right, and this is wonderful to view. Al Sharpton is a conman, and so is Cummings. This is why they stick together, and let’s be honest where there is a con to be made money or gain some fame from within the African American people you will always find that shark Al Sharpton. He’s a cancer to the black people of America!

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