Again with the statues, and is CHAZ ending it’s Summer of LOVE early?

America is dying slowly, and I’m not talking about AIDS folks… But this pandemic isn’t even the Covid19 I’m speaking about. The one I’m speaking about is the same one that has these people taking over major sections of cities, and has white people taking a knee like sheep to anyone who mentions “Black Lives Matter” cause they don’t want to look “racist” on video. The whole concept is to get you white people to become the slave of your own doing by allowing this sort of stupidity to take place. Your democratically elected leaders have sold out this country, and it’s starting here, and unless we stop it now this will only get worse.

The Press, Media or whatever you want to call these asshole clown artists are all laughing it up while America is being torn apart. The President is waiting for the mayors, and governors to do their jobs or he said he will send in troops. Only problem is this will just become an issue the left will spin NO MATTER what he does! IF they send in cops, military or anyone, and these Antifa/BLM lowlifes start to kill people the President will be blamed for it because this is what the radical left is waiting for.

This is the last shot at a power play before the November elections for them to try, and destroy Trump, and anything to do with him being re-elected. Look at what happened in the rally he did recently where a group of pranksters on TIK/TOK are taking credit for calling in and reserving thousands, and as much as possibly 200k worth of tickets. Some reported as many as 1million were on reserved. Now this could be these people on KPOP on TIK/TOK which AOC applauds because she rides with the enemies. See Tik/Tok is a Chinese ran app which is being used to show short clips of videos but at the same time it can easily be used to steal information, and KPOP is a Korean POP group? So this is whose taken credit for the lower than expected showing at the Rally even tho the place looked pretty packed to me considering the amount of protests, looters, and rioters, and silly idiots who showed up, and I’m sure more supporters who wanted to go didn’t because they didn’t want to end up being beaten for simply being in favor of Trump.

Funny enough the statues of this nation have become a target again as Nancy Pelosi in all her stupidity came out with a list of 11 statues which were racist, and 9 of which turned out to be of Democrats. Go figure! 9/11 and those were the ones she signaled out. It’s almost like the woman, and the left are trying to re-write or white wash history.

Let’s check out these two very interesting videos below for more details…

These aren’t protests. This is a totalitarian political movement and someone needs to save us from it. On Fox watch as Dan Bongino took it to Juan on the “FOX FIVE” show, and let him have it on what this is that’s happening, and well check this video out. Juan is such a sucker, and puppet for the left.

With this all said, and now word comes that the moron Jenny Durkan the so called Mayor in charge of Seattle, and someone who needs to be voted out as Mayor ASAP! But this idiot said that Seattle will move to dismantle ‘Chaz’ occupied protest zone, Jenny Durkan says police will return to precinct where hundreds have gathered daily. Remember she welcomed this take over, and is responsible for all the shooting, and destruction of the city. SHE and she first needs to be held responsible, arrested, and put to trial for her betrayal to her position, and to the citizens of the city who didn’t want this idiotic take over.

Seattle officials announced on Monday that they would begin to dismantle the six blocks of occupied streets known as the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or “Chaz”, following two shootings at the site in 48 hours. “It’s time for people to go home. It is time for us to restore Cal Anderson and Capitol Hill so it can be a vibrant part of the community,” said the Seattle mayor, Jenny Durkan, during a press conference. “We can still accommodate people who want to protest peacefully, come there and gather. But the impacts on the businesses and residents and community are now too much.”

Jenny Durkan said Seattle police would be returning to the east precinct, the site they abandoned after a series of dangerous clashes between protesters and law enforcement. She said they’ll do so “peacefully” and “in the near future” but did not offer an exact timeline. The decision comes about two weeks after a section of the Seattle neighborhood of Capitol Hill was occupied by protesters as a self-proclaimed police-free zone. The area is also known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (Chop). Hundreds of protesters have faithfully gathered there each day and night, filling the area with free food and community gardens, and holding speeches and teach-ins.

Officers responding to the shooting have said they “were met by a violent crowd that prevented officers’ safe access to the victims”, according to a police blog. Investigations of the shootings are still ongoing.

During the press conference Monday, the Seattle police chief, Carmen Best, said that while there had been countless people protesting peacefully, there had also been “shootings, a rape, assaults, burglary, arson, and property destruction”. All things Jenny Durkan needs to answer for since she allowed, and endorsed all this behavior, and coined it “The Summer of LOVE!” Well folks now you know in a small sample THIS IS what America will become if the Left wins.

“This isn’t a debate about first amendment rights, this is about life or death,” she added… Yeah lady, and you’re responsible for it. For the death’s, shootings, looting, and riots, and everything else wrong that happened in your city.

When asked what officials will do if people don’t voluntarily leave the area, Durkan said they planned to use a range of techniques, including working with black-led organizations to communicate with the people in the zone and offering outreach to those there who are homeless like that’s going to help. IDIOT!

“I think we’ve seen across the country and Seattle, it would not be an effective strategy to simply send police in to try to clear the area,” she said. The decision to send police back into the precinct was a major disappointment for some in the community who wanted the site repurposed.

Kshama Sawant, a Socialist city councilwoman, has pushed for the precinct to be “turned over permanently into community control”. She recently announced on Twitter that she would be introducing legislation to convert the east precinct into a community center for restorative justice.

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