My Bio

Angel "Tha JackaL" Espino Angel “Tha JackaL” Espino[/caption] A host of his own radio shows which air on PSN RADIO, as well as producer of music, film editor, and aspiring film director Angel Espino best known to the world as “tha jackal” has been entertaining people for years via music, and radio since the late 90’s. After a radio interview in 2008 on a podcast for a friend of his which asked him to be a guest on, he decided to try his hand on online radio since he found it to be a great outlet for his creative mind to flow in a way he hadn’t thought off before. While a life long fan of radio talk shows hosted by the likes of “Art Bell,” “Phil Hendrie,” “Neil Rogers,” & SoFlo Radio’s own “Jorge Rodriguez” and a few others which he enjoyed over the years. Angel never thought of actually being the host until he helped his friend with co hosting duties on his podcast back in 2008, and soon after he was struck with the urge to produce, and host his own 2 hour long show. These days he’s the host of a show, and co hosts 3 other shows. Since starting his own online show he’s become a vocal personality on online radio, and has interviewed some of the best known people in a vast range of subjects. While the subject of “UFOLOGY” is very important to him he likes to deal with a wide range of subjects which cover everything from “Entertainment to Ufology, and Politics.” He’s interested in directing films in the future, and is already working on his first script which he plans on turning into a feature film. Regardless if it’s music, radio or films. One thing we know for sure is that he will never go away from the entertainment industry. 2014, and beyond bring big things for Mr Angel Espino aka Tha Jackal, and on this very website you will be able to follow everything he’s working on project for project will be posted here, and updated as regularly as possible.]]>