A REAL American hero!

Thank you for sticking up for whats right… I just seen this clip, and I don’t know who Jerome Lewis is but this man just became a hero over night. He got out of his truck, and started to tear down signs that are being used by radicals in this country which are trying to destroy us. Now before you claim “White Supremacy!” or that Jerome Lewis is a KKK or some radical “White GUY” who hates blacks or doesn’t think that BLACK LIVES MATTER! Look at his profile.

YEP! he’s a black man himself but the major difference is he’s not fucking brain washed by the media or the stupidity coming from the radical left. Look who attacks him in the video below? Crazy white dudes looking to keep those signs up. Those are ANTIFA mob members who are on guard ready to move in, and attack anyone who does this to their signs. They are posing as BLM to keep this country divided, and using black people to further push their own racial hate, and division. I’m proud of real Americans like Mr Jerome Lewis for standing up for what’s right, and not allowing some bully from Antifa to provoke him to fight him. He walked away, and drove off while the morons in Antifa made themselves look like idiots.

This folks is how we fight back… Don’t give in, don’t surrender, and never forget that this is crazy people with crazy radical views, and their one sole purpose is to destroy this country. Not heal or bring us together. Antifa, KKK, BLM, and all hate groups must be condemned, and destroyed… But the left has their eyes set on destroying our country. So we must be unified if we want to win, and keep making America great!

The video was originally taken by another true American hero! And Mr. Ray Garcia decided to record it, and post it… I want to thank both these guys for doing the right thing, and shard the video on his twitter also, and so it could be viewed by others. I want to reach out to everyone involved if possible, and see if I can have them on my podcast.

This is folks is a wonderful footage to see someone standing up for what is right by tearing down signs of division, and hate.

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