A Nightmare on Elm Street: Re-Reboot or Sequel?

As a big fan of the original Nightmare series with Robert Englund as the title character of Freddy Kruger was, and still is my favorite horror/slasher movie franchise ever, and after the horrible remake I wanted them to give the franchise a nice decade rest to help re-set the mistakes, and re do the franchise in a second reboot attempt.

Looks like that’s well underway now that word is out that Wes Craven’s Estate is Exploring New Movie & TV Ideas. This is great news, and I as a fan cannot wait to see more of the springwood massacre on the big screen slashing his way into the dreams of these teens whose parents burned him alive years before… I just hope this time while it’s not going to be Robert Englund they do get someone who can closely represent the way he played Freddy. ONE actor I loved for the role 10 years ago but might be a bit too old now would have been “Kevin Bacon” who I was in one of the first Jason movies, and I thought would have made a great Freddy. But again age might make that an issue as I’m sure if it’s a hit with fans this could be a gig an actor could have for a decade or more like Robert Englund who played the role for what 3 decades!?

Wes Craven’s estate is currently exploring ideas for a new A Nightmare on Elm Street movie and TV show. The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise started back in 1984 when Craven wrote and directed a film that would introduce the world to Fred Krueger. The film quickly spawned a franchise, resulting in six sequels, a crossover with Jason Voorhees, and a remake in 2010. Craven passed away in 2015, but his legacy has lived on through Freddy.

But take this with a grain of salt, and one all fans would be keen on! Ever since the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street was critically & panned by fans even given it’s big box office it was still seen as a major fail but there have been rumors of what could come next for the dream master, and the warriors who take him on at night. Robert Englund has said before that he would be down to play Freddy for one more movie, and Nancy Thompson actress Heather Langenkamp is also keen on returning to Elm Street.

If the two stars were to return for a sequel, Craven’s estate could reboot the franchise with a sequel that takes place decades after the original, much like Blumhouse did with Halloween.. The only issue would be that a lot of fans LOVE nightmare 1, and 3 and consider part 3 to be the REAL sequel to the original as most didn’t like “Freddy’s Revenge” or part 2 which featured nobody from the first other than Freddy. Not an issue? Well NANCY dies in part 3 so how could she return without Retconning that 3rd movie we all know and love.

Heck even DREAM MASTER with ALICE is a sequel to DREAM WARRIORS which was also good. Now DREAM CHILD was a misstep sure but not the worst movie made. And Nancy came back in her 3rd movie already called “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare” which was a great movie which flopped to capture fans but the story, and concept was brilliant at the time.

The movie is set up in the real world where the Freddy, and Nancy characters are that they’re movie characters, and it’s the anniversary of the first movie, and it shows us since they’re not making them anymore the demon they had trapped in the story WES made wanted out, and I loved that movie and considered it a nice way to cap off the “Nancy Trilogy” so how do you return into the movieverse and not the real world story using “Nancy” again? This isn’t like Halloween, and Jamie Lee Curtis who followed up Halloween 1 and 2 with horrible sequels decades later which is why the last movie was able to go back to the first two movies and springboard from there… She lived in those movies. Again NANCY dies in DREAM WARRIORS, and her death is an important one for the kids… She saves them after all, and sacrifices herself in doing so.

No matter what direction they go however I’m excited as a fan, and can’t wait to see what they do with this franchise, and with Blumhouse involved i’m now more excited than before.

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