Tupac dissed on A Newly Surfaced Record by NAS That’s Just Over 25 Years Old

Well it’s like pac said “They talk shit when I’m gone cause they fear me in the physical form… I’m Troublesome.” Now More than 25 years later which is as long as 2pac lived, Nas and Tupac were entwined in a short-lived hip-hop beef which blew up due to the 2PAC & B.i.G Beef. It began in 1996, when Nas released his second album, It Was WrittenIt featured “The Message,” a track on which Tupac believed he was dissed. Tupac later released “Against All Odds,” with his own shots at Nas. But before they patched things up, Tupac was tragically killed in a shooting.

Soy 25 years after their beef came to an end, Vibe reports that an unreleased record by Nas has leaked, and it features him taking strong shots at the late rapper. His attacks arrive halfway through the song’s first verse. “From tube-socks in Timbs to blue rocks and Benz / Who got the ends, the type of n***a 2Pac pretends,” Nas raps. “To all n****s who shine, guess who got revenge / I won’t showboat, my flow choke you.” This marks the first time fans hear Nas directly, unambiguously diss Tupac on a record.

Last summer, Nas spoke about the moment Tupac confronted him about the alleged (though not confirmed) diss on “The Message” during an interview on Ebro In The Morning. Nas explained that he thought I was dissing him on the song ‘The Message,’ and I heard he was dissing me at clubs,” the rapper revealed. “He was like ‘Yo Nas, we brothers, man. We not supposed to go through this.’ And I’m like, that’s what I’m saying.” He added, “We had a plan to squash it in Vegas. So I was out there when he was in the hospital, praying for him to come through. Rest in peace.”

While the lyrics are clever it just shows that NAS didn’t mean anything said in that and it was all rhymes because he quickly was able to end their feud, and was at the hospital as 2Pac passed in 1996.

In his reply to NAS Pac has this track which was recorded but never released, and it’s part of the music still in the vault from the recordings Tupac has that well have yet to be on an official cd release. This track is fire, and I could see with the right production it could be mixed into at least 2 tracks with other rappers banging on it to fill out a new Tupac cd. Perhaps Tha Outlawz might want to get this on their future cds? OR maybe Amaru Records will put that idea on a future pac cd who knows.

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