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Two decades of collected evidence solidify the Reed family Multi-Generational abduction case. The findings have been said to be overwhelming, and one of the strongest cases ever professionally investigated.

Thomas and Matthew Reed are the two sons of a prominent Connecticut Mayor and attorney who ran the democratic ticket backed by Senator Christopher Dodd.

The family of professionals have reported their involvement to local authorities, Mufon and aerospace groups since the mid 1980’s. The individual cases have been investigated by several groups and over a span of more than 20 years.

There file classified as a CE-4/ 3-star file: (Close Encounter of the 4th kind to include physical evidence)” The family’s involvement in the late 1960’s that had seemingly been behind them, surfaced once again after the two boys had become successful professionals, and raising their young Children. In the Brownsburg IN abduction of April 2009, investigators Identified strong radioactive material and radioactive Hot Spots. The radiation on the Reed’s SUV had been detected with a Geiger counter.

Forceful Magnetic fields were also present on the vehicle and strong enough to spin a compass in circles form two and a half feet away. The testing equipment and readings have been recorded on camera and are logged in the Mufon CMS. The only common factors are that the family shares the RH Negative blood group and have lived relatively close to nuclear power plants.

These investigations would also reveal, trace evidence, witnesses, the vehicles damaged digital instrument gages, and physical markings on Matthew & Thomas Reed. The April 2009, craft was spotted on radar and observed by local residents. The professional groups involved, and who would go on record to substantiate the findings in the case include; police officers, The Star Team, a Roane County C.C. Detective, MUFON, Doctors, and Attorney Robert Bletchman, who discussed the case along with others at the United Nations Symposium on Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Human Future which occurred on October 2, 1992, just ten days before NASA was to begin its SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) program.

Thomas’s son would participate in a serious of complex studies after their school found him to test in the superior range, and at an early age. Test results reflected 127% rank, / 96% tile throughout the US. Doctor Michael Buckner a respected Ph.D. then evaluated his son and confirmed the child also presented remote viewing abilities expected by the boy’s school. The document and medical record was dated September 15th, 2010. These heightened abilities have also been witnessed by Mufon assistant state director of TN and Officer Steve White a Roane County Sheriff. Members of the Reed family have taken and passed a Polygraph test. Several of the drawings sketched in the 1960’s and 70’s from Thomas Reed are displayed in the Roswell UFO museum.

Reed’s are a well-respected family of Attorneys, Physicians, and Business owners. In a town boarding New Haven, CT. October 6th stands as a designated local holiday recognizing their family’s contributions to the area. Thomas worked as a fashion photographer for several well-known Modeling Agencies, before accepting positions in upper management with several fortune 500 companies. Thomas returned to his roots when he founded Miami Models in South Beach, there client list would include, Polo Black Label, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Parisian, Vogue Bambini, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

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