1 out of 4 Baldwin’s ENDORSE Trump For President 2020

Stephen Baldwin ENDORSED Donald Trump For President in 2020 like he did when he ran in 2016 check out some footage of the ONLY sane Baldwin brother…. The video is from a month ago but it’s relevant.

To ad to the hilarity I went at Billy Baldwin on Twitter about his idiotic Avatar of a career criminal (Saint George Floyd) in a bow tie.

But I went on cus fuck it why not! LOL

I mean is this guy crazy or what? It’s hilarious how nuts he, and his brother Alec are compared to how sane and normal Stephen is. It’s like night, and day…

I’ll keep you all posted if anything further develops but I love how much of a hypocrite these actors are. They openly endorse a man who went to PRISON for pistol whipping a pregnant woman, and who was high on meth, and was arrested for passing off a fake $20 bill the day he died. #KARMA

When you’re that much of a scumbag the world has a way to handle you, and the left are trying to claim Trump is a racist or are trying to blame him for Saint Floyd’s death like he had his knee on this dudes neck, and not some crazy cop? Cause 1 idiot cop went too far, and killed a scumbag now these lunatics are using that to smear Trump like it’s his fault.

What’s next guys did he also kill Jesus? Or was he involved with the giant rock that killed the Dinosaurs? I know he caused the great NOAH’s flood! Explains why Trevor NOAH hates Trump so much I guess… LOL Oh wait no that’s cause the left socialist owned Comedy Central is in on it with other global elitists who hate Trump cause he’s not like them.

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