W/ Guest Jeff Woolwine

thumb-016Jeff Woolwine is one of the Premier Vidoegraphers of UFO’s in the Phoenix area.For years it has been theorized that Native Americans saw UFO’s and carved images of them in the local mountains here. Woolwine has proved this to be true by matching his video footage of UFO’s to the Petroglyph carvings!

Jeff also makes a connection between these petroglyphs and The Phoenix Lights! He believes that many of the UFO’s seen over Phoenix are actually other life forms unknown to us and has found 4 hot spots here for observing them! Jeff also tells the true story of Phoenix and the Mayan tombs and gold that still lie buried under the Sacred Mountains here. Jeff has been interviewed on many TV and Radio Talk shows sharing his extraordinary research. So don’t miss this Local Hero of our UFO community as he presents his UFO footage, taking us deep into the heart of the mystery and wonder of the —— PETROGLYPHSINTHESKY !!! ——–

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