💩Kim Jong Un is hungry! Orders pet dogs to be confiscated!🐩+🐕 = 🌭

Looks like the hunger pains have hit North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as he’s ordered pet dogs to be confiscated in the country’s capital, saying the pooches represent Western “decadence’’ but their owners fear their pet’s really headed for someone’s dinner table. So Lil Rocket Kim issued the directive in July to round up the pets, claiming they were part of “a ‘tainted’ trend by bourgeouis ideology,’’ A source Revealed to the English edition of Chosun Ilbo, a South Korean newspaper rag. “Ordinary people raise pigs and livestock on their porches, but high-ranking officials and the wealthy own pet dogs, which stoked some resentment’’ among the lower classes, the source said.

“Authorities have identified households with pet dogs and are forcing them to give them up or forcefully confiscating them and putting them down.’’

Maybe you will see a few of these pop up in Korea! LOL

But while the oppressive regime says the move is to clamp down on capitalist extravagance in Pyongyang, the dog owners are fearful that given North Korea’s food shortage and propensity for eating dog meat the directive has only come about to feed the masses. The dog owners are “cursing Kim Jong Un behind his back,” but otherwise, their hands are tied, the source lamented. This folks is what’s waiting for you in America if you Vote for Blue. A Vote for Biden will mean the death of you loving K-9 friend.

Ironically enough watch this video from 2018. South Korea’s president, Moon Jae-in, has a special relationship with Kim Jong-un, and even recently received a gift of two pet dogs from the North Korean leader. Speaking to the BBC’s South Korea correspondent Laura Bicker, he said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un demonstrated “humble leadership,” as relations between the two Koreas appear to be warming.

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