👩‍⚖️Judges Ruled Florida felons can’t vote until they pay fines, fees! 🐵 🔧

IN Good news coming from Florida as Judges just ruled that Florida felons must pay all fines, restitution and legal fees before they can regain their right to vote, and why is this good you ask? During the pandemic A LOT of convicted felons were released early from doing time by leftist cities in order to help RIG the election, and burn down these leftist ran cities in order to blame Trump, and cause people to not want to vote for him. Thousands of “Socialist” loving leftists we’re let out, and to be honest I do think a lot of the so called “activists” are people who might have been early released, and signed up to be agitators for their freedom, and they insight the riots, and then there are real life morons who follow these people, and add to the stupidity. They were told to vote for JOE in order to be let out early according to a source I have so this move by the Judges would toss a major monkey wrench into t he entire plot by the evil democRATS!

This folks is a good move by the Judge! As the story goes a federal appellate court ruled Friday in a case that could have broad implications for the November elections. Reversing a lower court judge’s decision that gave Florida felons the right to vote regardless of outstanding legal obligations, the order from the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the position of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and the GOP-led state Legislature, leaving voting rights activists aghast.

Under Amendment 4, which Florida voters passed overwhelmingly in 2018, felons who have completed their sentences would have voting rights restored. But the legal dispute arose after lawmakers the next year moved to define what it means to complete a sentence. In addition to prison time served, lawmakers directed that all legal financial obligations, including unpaid fines and restitution, would also have to be settled before a felon could be eligible to vote. This for most if not all of these people will be impossible without major help from the same folks who let them out. But this time the help would be money, and financial, and possibly traceable to who got them the money, and SO this would be a bad move to make for democRATS to do. Now I wouldn’t put it past a terrorist group which has made over a BILLION DOLLARS in donations world wide like BLM & Antifa to help launder our tax payers money to them. Maybe this is why Nasty Nancy and the evil left are sitting on over 500Billion from the first cares act which as Trump said could easily be put for another round of stimulus checks. But the democRATS don’t want that they want the checks only if they get their Green New Deal.

So while America burns, and a lot of it’s people are out of work (myself included) and starving to death the lawmakers keep showing us they don’t have our best interest in mind. IF it’s not getting a hair stylist to illegal see you indoors without a mask one day or trying to fake impeach the President and lying to the public about the Virus another set of days this is all thanks to the evil wicked witch of San Francisco Nasty Nancy Pelosi herself.

The appeals court agreed with the Republican lawmakers, a decision that voting rights advocates called an affirmation of a “pay-to-vote” system that primarily disenfranchises minorities and poor people. “This ruling runs counter to the foundational principle that Americans do not have to pay to vote,” said Julie Ebenstein, senior staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union’s Voting Rights Project. “The gravity of this decision cannot be overstated. It is an affront to the spirit of democracy.”

In a 200-page ruling on a 6-4 vote, the full 11th Circuit said the Constitution’s due process clause was not violated by the passage of the law implementing Amendment 4. “States are constitutionally entitled to set legitimate voter qualifications through laws of general application and to require voters to comply with those laws through their own efforts,” Chief U.S. Circuit Judge William Pryor wrote in the majority opinion. “So long as a state provides adequate procedures to challenge individual determinations of ineligibility — as Florida does — due process requires nothing more.”

Four judges issued a dissenting opinion as they argued in part that it is sometimes extremely difficult for returning felons to know what outstanding financial obligations they may still have and that the state should create a mechanism to provide that information.

“In light of the chaos created by the majority’s holding that (financial obligations) must be satisfied according to the ‘every-dollar’ method, countless scores of individuals will be uncertain of their eligibility to vote,” wrote U.S. Circuit Judge Beverly Martin in the dissent. “With its constitution amended in this way, Florida gained an obligation to establish procedures sufficient to determine the eligibility of returning citizens to vote, and to notify them of their eligibility in a prompt and reliable manner,” the dissenters added.

But Pryor wrote that it’s not the state’s responsibility to create a system to let felons know what they owe. “The Due Process Clause does not require States to provide individual process to help citizens learn the facts necessary to comply with laws of general application,” he wrote. DeSantis spokesman Fred Piccolo said in an email that the court’s decision affirms that “all terms of a sentence means all terms.”

“There are multiple avenues to restore rights, pay off debts, and seek financial forgiveness from one’s victims,” Piccolo added. “Second chances and the rule of law are not mutually exclusive.”

The amendment permanently bars convicted murderers and rapists from voting, regardless of financial debts. Still, other felons in Florida who have completed prison sentences and would otherwise be eligible but have not paid fines and other legal obligations estimated in March to number about 774,000 and this represents a significant number of voters, should they be allowed to cast ballots. Some of them may have settled their debts since that initial March estimate.

The state does not track how many felons have registered to vote since Amendment 4 passed, but its backers estimate that the monetary requirement and the coronavurs pandemic have limited the number to 100,000, far less than those potentially eligible. But just think folks they let out well over 100,000 known felons back to the streets. IF This isn’t scary enough! We’re still what 2 months until the election.

The Florida Rights Restoration Coalition has raised more than $4 million to help pay court costs, and this is not something we can allow! Donations have come from retired basketball star Michael Jordan as well as More Than a Vote, an organization dedicated to maximizing Black turnout that counts basketball star LeBron James and comedian Kevin Hart among its backers. Still, the total owed could be as high as $3 billion. All these people need to be investigated for they’re all socialist and are compromised. This could be the biggest collusion and rico act I’ve ever seen in my life, and possibly this country had ever seen. Oh and don’t be shocked that the greatest NBA player Michael Jordan is involved. Hell Bill Cosby is the biggest rapist in modern day history! So don’t let the fake smile, and fake facade fool you.

“The ruling could influence the election outcome in November” said one source… Shit no kidding said me! Florida is considered a must-win state in President Donald’s Trump’s bid for reelection and is famed for its razor-thin statewide election results, and one I think he will win again as he’s polling really well with us Latinos, and Cubans love Trump because he hates Socialism/Communism which we also hate.. Democrats had hopes of gaining support from thousands of former felons in Florida.

Paul Smith, vice president at the Campaign Legal Center which is pushing for full voting rights for most felons, slammed the ruling. “This is a deeply disappointing decision,” said the long time Democratic Socialist. Why is he even being allowed to be involved? Because he’s helping them push the narrative! “While the full rights restoration envisioned by Amendment 4 has become less likely to be realized this fall, we will continue this fight for all Florida voters, so the full benefits of Amendment 4 will someday be realized.” Why are you trying to break it then Paul? The courts are correct until these people pay all fines, and fees they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. I know the guy who you keep calling a racist in your hit pieces which you post on FAKE NEWS about keeps winning! Personally I never get tired of winning.

U.S. Rep. Val Demings, a Democrat from Orlando who was considered as a vice presidential nominee by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, said she is introducing a bill in Congress to prohibit states from denying voting rights to American citizens, regardless of prior criminal convictions. See folks this is the game plan! They know they can’t win a regular normal election so they’re doing EVERYTHING possible to rig it, and if they lose (and they will) they wont concede the election. They already told you that things will only get worse… This means CIVIL WAR! Guys these people don’t just want Trump out! They want their power grab back which they lost when Obama had to leave after 2 terms, and Hillary failed to latch on too in 2016.

“A criminal conviction does not erase a person from our communities or our country,” said Demings, who is Black and a former Orlando police chief. But what chief here forgets is they will never their rights back. When they pay all the fines, and fees they owe. Simple as that. Why do these leftists always feel like if the rules to swing in their direction they can just change the rules to the game?

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